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PCB Capability

PCB Capability

We Offer a Full Range of Printed Circuit Board Capabilities to Fit All of Your PCB Needs


The information below details some of the key capabilities that KeyouPCB can offer and support today. You will find information here relating to the specific materials we can support, the PCB technologies or product types which we currently produce, as well as some of the tolerances which we can achieve.



Process      Item                                        Craft Capacity                                                   
Prepares materials Base Material FR4, CEM-1,  Aluminium, High Tg Material,  Halogen-free Material
Lamination press Layer  Count                                                   1-12Layers                                                                               
Thickness 0.2-3.0mm
Drill Min.Hole Diameter 0.15mm (mechanical drill), 0.1MM (laser drill)
PTH Diameter Tolerance  + / - 3mil
NPTH Diameter Tolerance  + / - 2mil
Outer layer Min.Line/Space 3.5mil/3.5mil 
Copper Thickness 1- 6oz
Impendence  Impedance tolerance  ±10%     (±5%(Need assessment)
Solder Masking Min.Solder Dam 0.1mm
Min.Solder Mask Opening 0.075mm
Color Green, White, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue
Surface Treatment LF-HASL, OSP,Ni/Au Enig,Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, carbon oil;

Out-Line Profiling
Profile Tolerance  + / - 0.12MM
V-cut Remain Thickness Tolerance  + / - 0.1MM
V-cut Angle Tolerance  + / - 5°
Testing E-Testing 100% E-Testing (High Voltage Testing);  Flying Probe Testing 
Final Product Thickness Tolerance  + / - 10%
Warpage Tolerance  + / - 0.75%
Lead Time Double layer PCB                   Multilayer PCB          Mass production             
Normal 6 work days Normal 8 work days Double layer 9-12 work days
Urgent 3 work days Urgent 6 work days Multilayer 12-15 work days


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