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Common Welding Defects and Cause Analysis of PCBA Processing
Published by: November 04,2019
PCBA processing is a complex processing process that requires inspection and cooperation in all aspects to produce high quality PCBA products.   1. Poor wetting: Poor wetting is manifested ...
Processing Requirements for PCB Manufacturers for Printed Board Manufacturers
Published by: October 30,2019
1. Indicate the grade of PCB printed board processing standard (general enterprises are divided into secondary standards). The first level of consumption: only requires electrical performance, and ...
Why Are Most PCB Boards Green
Published by: October 29,2019
The green color is solder resist ink. The main components are resin, talcum powder and pigment. Currently, the most famous ones on the market are Japan Sun Taiyo, Taiwan South Asia Resin, Taiwan Chang...
The temperature resistance of the pcb circuit board
Published by: October 28,2019
First: What is the maximum temperature resistance of the pcb circuit board, and what is the temperature resistance time? The maximum temperature resistance of the pcb board is 300 degrees, 5-10 sec...
Basic requirements for components and printed boards for wave soldering processe
Published by: October 26,2019
1. Requirements for SMC/SMD Surface mount pcb The metal electrode of the assembled component should have a three-layer termination structure. The component package and solder joint can withstand mo...
Effective Countermeasures For PCB Process Film Deformation
Published by: October 25,2019
In the PCB copying process, the temperature and humidity control is out of order or the temperature of the exposure machine is too high, which sometimes causes the film to be deformed. If it is not im...
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