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How to copy the PCB?


Published by: KEYOU PCB March 25,2024

PCB copy board is also called circuit board copy board, circuit board cloning, circuit board copying, PCB cloning, PCB reverse design or PCB reverse research and development. There are many sayings about PCB copy board definition in the industry and academia, but both It is not complete. If you want to give an accurate definition of PCB copy board, we can learn from the domestic authoritative PCB copy board laboratory: PCB copy board, that is, under the premise that there are already physical products and circuit boards. The reverse research and development technology means reverse analysis of the circuit board, and the 1:1 restoration of the original product PCB file, bill of materials (BOM) file, schematic file and other technical documents and PCB silk screen production files, and then use these technologies. Documents and production files are used for PCB board, component soldering, flying probe testing, circuit board debugging, and complete copying of the original circuit board template. Since the electronic products are all operated by the core control parts of various circuit boards, the process of extracting a complete set of technical data of any electronic product and copying and cloning the product can be completed by using a process such as PCB copying.


                             PCB copy board


 Many people have misunderstood the concept of PCB copy board. In fact, with the continuous development and deepening of the copy board industry, today's PCB copy board concept has been extended to a wider extent, no longer limited to simple board copying and cloning. It will also involve the secondary development of products and the development of new products. For example, through the understanding and discussion of the analysis of existing product technical documents, design ideas, structural features, process technology, etc., it can provide feasibility analysis and competitive reference for R&D and design of new products, and assist R&D and design units to follow up in time. Technology development trends, timely adjustment and improvement of product design, research and development of the most competitive new products. At the same time, the process of PCB copying can realize the rapid update, upgrade and secondary development of various types of electronic products through the extraction and partial modification of technical data files. According to the document map and schematic diagram extracted by the copy board, professional designers can still The customer's willingness to optimize the design and modification of the PCB can also add new functions or redesign the functional features on the basis of this, so that products with new functions will appear at the fastest speed and a new attitude. Not only has its own intellectual property rights, but also won the first opportunity in the market, bringing double benefits to customers.


                                      PCB circuit board


 PCB copy board is a method for cloning and exporting a circuit board in the case of an existing PCB circuit board. It is a file for production. Based on this, we can also carry out secondary development according to user needs, redesign, and realize product upgrade and expansion.

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