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What is the FPCB Advantages


Published by: KEYOU PCB March 25,2024

FPCB (flexible printed circuit board) is minimization , slimness , high technology for whole digital products which are getting smaller , slimmer.Compare with the rigid printed circuit board, FPCB has the following advantages : 

          flexible printed circuit board

① FPCB-- Light, thin, short, small, flexible structure, can be bent, curled, folded, and three-dimensional assembly, adapter can replace a lot of parts, easy to use maximum available space, making electronic products become more slim in appearance, widely used has a small, lightweight and mobile requirements of all kinds of electronic products .

② FPCB-- Can be wound transfer roller processing methods (Roll-to-Roll), easily automated, mass production, improve production efficiency.

③ FPCB --High heat resistance, can produce higher density and finer pitch products to meet the high density interconnect between the components and the high stability requirements, so that a larger increase the quality of the signal output.

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