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Common Reasons for Copper in PCB Factory
Published by: Keyou September 18,2019
First, the reason for the laminate process Under normal circumstances, as long as the laminate is hot pressed for more than 30 minutes, the copper foil and the prepreg are basically completely comb...
Ten Points About PCB Jigsaw
Published by: Keyou September 06,2019
1. The outer frame (clamping edge) of the PCB panel should adopt a closed-loop design to ensure that the PCB panel will not be deformed after being fixed on the fixture; 2, PCB board width ≤ 260mm ...
Frequently Asked Questions about PCB Proofing Design
Published by: Keyou September 02,2019
1.The bonding pad overlap: The overlap of the pads (except for the surface mount pads) means the overlap of the holes. In the drilling process, the drill bit is broken due to multiple holes in one...
Multilayer PCB  board factory: method to strengthen anti-interference ability
Published by: Keyou August 27,2019
To get the best performance from electronic circuits, electronic component boards are the support for circuit components and devices in electronics. Even if the schematic design of the circuit is corr...
The specific differences between PCB and FPC
Published by: Keyou August 21,2019
1. The PCB circuit board, the so-called printed circuit board (printed circuit board), usually called rigid board. It is a support in electronic components and is an important electronic componen...
Discussion On The Design Of FPC Impedance Board
Published by: Keyou August 19,2019
As a product that can effectively block AC power, FPC impedance board chooses a high-quality FPC impedance board manufacturer to cooperate to ensure the quality requirements of FPC products, thereby i...