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Several considerations for PCB soldering
Published by: June 28,2019
In PCBA processing plants, board soldering generally includes reflow soldering, wave soldering and soldering iron soldering. Reflow soldering and wave soldering are automated soldering, which is less ...
Shielding method in high speed PCB design
Published by: June 27,2019
The transmission rate of the high-speed pcb design and routing system is steadily increasing, and it also brings some kind of anti-interference vulnerability. The higher the frequency of transmitting ...
What is the cost of PCBA processing?
Published by: June 26,2019
The general PCBA processing cost is composed of: electronic component procurement cost, PCB board manufacturing cost, PCB board loss cost, SMT chip processing cost, DIP plug-in processing cost, produc...
PCB design basics: detailed PCB design process
Published by: June 25,2019
PCB is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board. A conductive pattern which is formed on a conductive material in a predetermined design as a printed circuit, a printed component, or a combination of...
PCB shelf life and storage environment
Published by: June 24,2019
Taking into account the difference in circuit board product process and storage conditions, the printed circuit board should be used in a timely manner (recommended within 24 hours), and it is recomme...
Printed circuit board meaning of each layer
Published by: June 20,2019
What are the layers of the Printed circuit board, what are the meanings and functions of each layer, the following for your reference: 1.Signal layer The signal layer is mainly used to arrange t...