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Specifications for the manufacture of aluminum base pcb
Published by: August 08,2019
The aluminum boards produced by PCB manufacturers are mostly used for LED lamps. What are the specifications for the production of aluminum base board in the production process? Aluminum boards...
Analysis of copper plating in PCB
Published by: August 06,2019
First, the reason for PCB copper plating: 1.EMC, for a large area of ​​ground or power copper, will play a shielding role, some special, such as PGND to protect. 2.PCB process requirements, ge...
Introduction of rigid-flex PCB
Published by: July 18,2019
The rigid-flex pcb is combined with the hard board substrate in different areas of the soft board substrate (the conductive patterns need to be connected to each other in the soft and hard joint area)...
Introduction of PCB Resistance Welding Process
Published by: July 18,2019
1. The concept Cover a photosensitive solder ink on the PCB surface of the completed circuit.The ink can protect PCB circuit from oxidation and insulate the solder pad from welding unwanted circuit...
Analysis of the reasons for PCB open circuit
Published by: July 18,2019
    First, the open circuit caused by the exposed substrate      1. The PCB CCL has scratches before entering the warehouse;      2. The PCB CCL is scratched during the opening process;  
Three major factors that cause board soldering defects
Published by: July 15,2019
1. The solderability of the board hole affects the quality of the soldering The solderability of the circuit board hole is not good, and the solder joint defect will be generated, which will affect...