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PCB Connector Development Potential
Published by: October 24,2019
The working principle of the PCB connector is as follows: the conductive pattern which is usually made on the insulating material according to a predetermined design, made into a printed circuit, a pr...
Advantages of PCB circuit board chemical deburring process
Published by: October 23,2019
1. Improve the surface finish of PCB circuit board products The use of this process to treat burrs can also improve the surface finish of the workpiece board to achieve a polishing effect. When the...
How To Deal With PCB Sensitive Circuits? What Are The Interference Elements?
Published by: October 22,2019
1. How to deal with PCB sensitive circuits      (1) Power cord      According to the current of the printed circuit board, try to increase the width...
PCBA three anti-coating process
Published by: October 18,2019
The PCBA three anti-coating process, referred to as Conformal Coating in IPC-A-510D, is called "three-proof" and generally refers to moisture-proof, anti-salt spray, and mold-proof. But this...
Requirements for PCB multilayer board
Published by: October 17,2019
(1) The power plat should be close to the ground plat, tightly coupled to the ground horizon, and placed below the ground horizon. (2) The signal layer should be adjacent to the inner layer an...
PCB circuit board heat dissipation method
Published by: October 16,2019
For electronic equipment, a certain amount of heat is generated during operation, so that the internal temperature of the equipment rises rapidly. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the equipment ...