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Processing Requirements for PCB Manufacturers for Printed Board Manufacturers


Published by: March 24,2021

1. Indicate the grade of PCB printed board processing standard (general enterprises are divided into secondary standards).

The first level of consumption: only requires electrical performance, and the appearance requirements are not strict.

Second-level industrial category: The requirement is higher than the first level.

For military and other high reliability products, special processing requirements should be proposed.

2. Indicate the selected printed board, bonded prepreg, and solder resist.

3. Indicate the PCB manufacturing warpage requirements: SMT PCB requirements warp less than 0.0075mm / mm.

4. PCB processing dimensions: milling shape (0.2 ~ 0.25) mm, punch shape (0.25 ~ 0.30) mm.

5. Positioning hole error: ± 0.10m.

6. V-shaped groove slot or connection thickness is 13 thickness, the error is ± 0.15mm, the angle is 30 ° / 45 ° ± 5 °

7. The outer ring is at least 0.08~0.15mm away from the metallized hole wall.

8. Ensure that the inner layer is well connected.

9. The pattern alignment is accurate, the line width error of less than 0.25mm is ± (0.05 ~ 0.075) mm.

10. Mark requires to be flat, smooth.

11. BGA vias need to be machined with buried holes or solder masks.

12. The surface of the layer is smooth, the edge of the line should be clear, the characters are clearly marked, and it is readable, and no ghosting can occur.

13. The solder mask finishes the required part of the enterprise and the color is uniform.

14. Screens and characters cannot be printed on the pads.

15. The surface of the board should be clean and there is no debris or glue stain that can affect the weldability of the SMT patch.

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